Offer – fertilizers – salts of magnesium and calcium

Currently, in the agricultural environment we can observe a steadily growing agricultural consciousness and standards, resulting in an increasing appreciation of the need for enriching soil with magnesium, which was called by scientists – the element of life.

Zakłady Chemiczne “Złotniki” S.A. is the biggest producer of magnesium sulphate in Poland. Magnesium sulphate is mainly used as a field fertilizer and an ingredient of multiple-fertilizer- compositions. The magnesium sulphate is also used in chemical and and paper industries.

The fact that Zakłady Chemiczne “Złotniki” SA possesses its own, unique technology of producing magnesium nitrate hexahydrate is our unquestionable reason for being proud of.

We are the leading producer of the aforementioned compound in the world.

In 2004 we started the production of calcium nitrate. Thanks to a successful cooperation with agricultural companies all over the world, the production of calcium nitrate and its derivatives is steadily increasing.

Fertilizer salts are available in the following types:

All our products comply with the European Parliament Regulation 2003/2003/EC and the Council of the 13th of October 2003 concerning fertilizers and can be labeled as EC FERTILIZERS

Zakłady Chemiczne “Złotniki” SA puts a particular emphasis on protection of the environment and pro-ecological activities. Therefore all the technologies performed in our company are environmentally friendly. All of our installations have the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) in conformity with Regulation 96/61/WE.