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Magnesium Nitrate solution



Magnesium nitrate is a two-component fertiliser in liquid form. It is characterised by a high content of magnesium and nitrogen, quickly available for plants. Thanks to a patented production process, it has unique properties. The solution has no impurities or insoluble parts. Magnesium nitrate is an excellent source of the above-mentioned ingredients for application to soil, in fertigation and hydroponic systems. It is also recommended for foliar application.

Magnesium nitrate allows quick and efficient fertilisation of plants with key nutrients. Nitrogen, as the main building block of proteins, is a powerful yield-enhancing nutrient. Magnesium is a component of chlorophyll which is often in short supply in both the soil/ substrate and the plants themselves, resulting in decreased photosynthesis efficiency. Magnesium is also an activator of many enzymes and participates in the regulation of water management in plants. High concentration of the fertiliser makes it possible to meet the needs of even the most demanding plants. In case of nitrogen and magnesium deficiencies, the product allows for their quick supplementation. It is recommended for preventive and emergency fertilisation of all crops.


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